Nouveau Airsoft Red Dot Sight Portée Riflescope Balles Transparent De Protection De L'Objectif De Pliage Pour 551 552 553 556 557 558

Mots-clés: e red dot sight, nv portée, airsoft portée, airsoft m4, portée, point rouge, microdot red dot, riflescope hakko, rifl portée, red dot sniper.

  • Disponible
  • w817

  • La fonction: Red Dot
  • Type: FUSIL

Protection de l'objectif de poids:55g de Montage couleur: Noir Pliant ,pare-Balles Hauteur de 6cm De haut de rail Picatinny

Kedrovskih Aleks
I ordered this some months ago and it was amazing, 5/5 stars, this was a reorder as I liked the first one so much, sadly I can't say the same for the second I said for the first. didn't include the second yellow lens, and the primary lens was very foggy and impossible to see threw, sadly this is a letdown, as I was very happy with the first I sadly can't say the same for the second.

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